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The Pure Traditional Experience......

Pure Traditional Farms sources and provides 100% Naturally Pure Spices, Herbs & Teas. From Farm to kitchen, bringing tasty dishes and fresh spices to every meal. Join the journey to support our local farms here in Grenada.  
Support Farmers and what they do. We love supporting our local Farmers. And we love when you do the same. 
We love going to the Farms, harvesting freshly cut Spices, drying them Naturally, Milling them to the perfect grade to supply our wonderful customers the best quality spices they crave for. 





Proudly Sourced From Grenada 


 Located on the Island of Grenada, our family business is truly unique & authentic.


It is our strict policy to support local Grenadian Farmers. We pride ourselves to be very traditional & naturally pure with our 100% superb quality spices and teas.

Our daily journey starts with buying raw spices directly from our local farmers, our farmers who preserve the Grenadian soil by consistent organic mulching of the spice fields. Mulching is the process of using organic matter such as old and fresh leaves or tree wood, creating a covering for the soil at the base of the different spice trees, doing this creates naturally organic, healthy top soil. Organic mulching also maintain cooler soil temperatures by retaining moisture longer, it prevents and protects the soil from being drenched by excessive exposure from the scorching sunlight. This is very important especially in the dry season when there is limited rainfall. 

Healthier soil yields healthier crops!

 Another positive to organic mulching is that it creates the best kept earth worms and micro-organisms that feeds off the organic mulch matter, while these soil friendly critters eat away at the mulch matter, healthy top oil is being born. This type of  soil naturally produces it's own levels of nitrogen and phosphorous gases that is in no need for artificial fertilizers.

 Our spices are harvested traditionally, always handpicked from Grenada's rich dark, fertile soil, deep within lush-green, un-spoilt mountainous terrains. With such traditional farming methods together with the Island's volcanic & geographical location in the world, this has surely contributed to the superiority of its mineral enriched virgin soil, only Grenada can boast about.

Superb Spices come from Superb Soil!

Not forgetting that it owns the most favorable title of being the ''SPICE OF THE CARIBBEAN''. It is renowned for having the best tasting spices and cocoa worldwide.  Of course, from to our God giving soil structure & mountainous terrains that are still being farmed traditionally.

We would then mill our Spices & Herbs at our 50+ years Hammer Mill Facility, built by my late Father Mr. Lincoln W. Ross. Presently Mrs. Ross continues to provide the best service for Ground Spices & Mechanical Engineering Inventions. His legacies continue to live on the Island of Grenada & Internationally.

After freshly milling, we at Pure Traditional Farms zip-seal our packaged Spices & Herbal products. The zip-sealed packaging helps to maintain a longer shelf life with an aromatic strength for each flavor. Ensuring guaranteed freshness every time they are opened. Our professional product packaging is gift ready & travel friendly; it is the best option for hassle-free and comfortable travelling without interrogation from International Airports or Seaports.

We continue to provide to our customers the greatest satisfaction of superb quality & aromatic flavors every time.

Knowing where your food comes from is a peace of mind towards a healthy lifestyle, we can surely offer this traditional service as we live it everyday, sourcing the finest, premium, quality Spices & Herbs directly from Grenadian farmers.

Operating to this day, our Mills are the oldest on the Island of Grenada and the first Spice Grinding Company ever since.

We have developed relationships with exceptional Grenadian farmers to bring you the best quality products that we can.


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